April 24-26 2020

CEPSUM, University of Montreal

Hearthstone  Open Tournament

Tournament Format

Open to everyone. Swiss rounds with top 16 advancing into a single-elimination bracket. Number of Swiss rounds will be determined depending on the number of competitors.

Match Format

Last Hero Standing, best-of-five with one ban.

Prize Pool – $4,000 CAD*

1st – $1650

2nd – $1150

3-4th – $400

5-8th – $100

The price pool can diminish if the number of the participants doesn’t reach 50 players.

Tournament Rules

Decklist submissions:

Upon successful registration for the tournament, a link will be provided to join the tournament bracket on Battlefy. Players will need to create a Battlefy account in order to join and participate in the tournament. Decklist submissions must be completed through Battlefy’s decklist submission feature by Friday April 5th 2019 at 11:59pm. Decklists will be open, but will not be visible until the bracket has started.

Swiss Rounds:

Players must check in with administrators before 10:45am (doors open at 10:00am). Players who do not check in before the start of the tournament will not be seeded into the bracket.

Results must be submitted to administrators at the end of each match by both players and must include the class match-ups of every game played.
It is recommended to take screenshots of each victory in case of dispute. 
If a player accumulate 4 losses, he/she will be removed from the swiss groups.

Top 16:

The top 16 players from the Swiss rounds will be seeded in order of placement into a single elimination bracket using the same rules as the swiss rounds. As prize money does not vary for 3-4th and 5-8th, no additional matches will be played to determine these placements. In the event that fewer than 32 players compete, the top 16 will be reduced to top 8. If this change occurs, prizing denominations will not be affected.

Match Start Delays:

Each round will be announced 5 minutes before the start in the designated Discord server channel. If a player is not ready to play 15 minutes after the round starts they will be granted a game loss (they choose which deck they has lost) and if they are not ready after 25 minutes, a round loss will be granted. Exceptions may apply for situations outside the player’s control.


First tiebreaker will be the average amount of points taken by opponents (expressed as % of maximum). This will be calculated by adding each opponents match win percentage (opponents below 30% will be raised to 30%) and divide by number of opponents. Byes will be ignored in this process.

Second tiebreaker will be number of games you won (expressed as % of played games).

Queueing a wrong deck:

If a player starts the game with a banned deck there are two possible outcomes:

  1. If no cards have been played, the game is reset. The player who queued with a valid deck may change to a different deck if there is more than one valid option.
  2. If at least one card was played, the player who used the banned deck loses automatically. The player who queued the wrong deck chooses which one they lost.

Deck tracking:

Players must not use deck-tracking software or taken any notes for reference on their computer. Paper and pencil are permitted. As decklists are open, players may look at their opponent’s list between games in a match, but not during a game.


If players are disconnected due to technical issues as a result of the wireless network at the tournament, they will replay the game with the same decks. If a player disconnects due to a hardware issue and cannot reconnect before the saved game state expires, the player will receive a game loss. The player who disconnected chooses which deck they have lost. Cause of the disconnect is at the discretion of a tournament admin. In both cases, if a player can prove they had lethal at the time of the disconnect, they will be granted the win.


Only tournament pass holder can participate in the Hearthstone tournament.

Early Bird (End on December 30th) : $45 

Wave 1 (December 31th –March 6th) : $55

Wave 2 (March 7th – April 6th) : $65


Bring your own device (non-wired connection).
Laptop, tablet and cellphone.
The device must be able to connect to the internet without a wired connection.

General Rules

Using the network

The use of the Internet during the period of tournaments that require internet will be strictly reserved for video games.

Discord is the communication software used during the event. GEEK-IT! will provide a “channel” for all players.

The use of Skype or any other communication software requiring an Internet connection is prohibited during tournaments.

It is strictly forbidden to download torrents or illegal material and / or material that violate copyright and / or files via hosting sites (Hotfile, Filesonic, Fileserve, Mega, etc.). You will face expulsion without notice and permanent ban to the next LAN.

No game downloads will be allowed. Make sure you have your games installed!

Pornographic material is strictly prohibited during the activity. This also applies to wallpapers!

You are entirely responsible for what you do on the network.

Computer security

No computer attack will be tolerated.

No cheating software will be tolerated and will result in your disqualification at all tournaments in which you participate. Deck tracker software is strictly prohibited during the event. The use of these will result in disqualification of the offending player.

Network equipment such as switch, hub, router, etc that doesn’t belong to GEEK-IT! convention or its partners will not be allowed.


Each participant must bring their own equipment, otherwise you may be refused entry to the LAN.

Your games must be genuine and your licenses must belong to you.

The use of loudspeakers is prohibited.

Drinks and food

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the LAN area.

You are not allowed to bring your own food in the convention however we will have a food court inside the convention center.


Any physical or verbal violence is prohibited at the event. 

If you leave the LAN during a tournament, you will be automatically eliminated from the tournaments in which you are still participating in.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your disqualification from tournaments or even an expulsion from the event.

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