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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

General Info

Geek-It! is proud to announce that we will be holding a Super Smash Tournament at the convention in April! Read below for more information on the format, platform and prize pool. To participate, you can buy a tournament ticket, for 5$ more than the regular weekend pass.

Tournament Format

The tournament will have bracket pools into a double elimination bracket.

Match Format

The match format will be a best of 3 (Bo3).
Each match will be announced 10 minutes before the start of the match. If the player isn’t ready 10 minutes after his match his announced, they will have to forfeit.


Bring your own controller:
Each player must bring their own controller to play.
The consoles are provided by Geek-It!

Prize pool

A 1000$ + 5$ per tournament ticket sold will serve to build up the prize pool distribution. A proper prize pool distribution will be announced once registration are closed.

Game Rules for SSBU

The Geek-It! Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament will follow
the Montreal Smash Loft ruleset. A link to the rules will be added soon.

General Rules

Using the network

The use of the Internet during the period of tournaments that require internet will be strictly reserved for video games.

Discord is the communication software used during the event. GEEK-IT! will provide a “channel” for all players.

The use of Skype or any other communication software requiring an Internet connection is prohibited during tournaments.

It is strictly forbidden to download torrents or illegal material and / or material that violate copyright and / or files via hosting sites (Hotfile, Filesonic, Fileserve, Mega, etc.). You will face expulsion without notice and permanent ban to the next LAN.

No game downloads will be allowed. Make sure you have your games installed!

Pornographic material is strictly prohibited during the activity. This also applies to wallpapers!

You are entirely responsible for what you do on the network.

Computer security

No computer attack will be tolerated.

No cheating software will be tolerated and will result in your disqualification at all tournaments in which you participate. Deck tracker software is strictly prohibited during the event. The use of these will result in disqualification of the offending player.

Network equipment such as switch, hub, router, etc that doesn’t belong to GEEK-IT! convention or its partners will not be allowed.


Each participant must bring their own equipment, otherwise you may be refused entry to the LAN.

Your games must be genuine and your licenses must belong to you.

The use of loudspeakers is prohibited.

Drinks and food

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the LAN area.

You are not allowed to bring your own food in the convention however we will have a food court inside the convention center.


Any physical or verbal violence is prohibited at the event. 

If you leave the LAN during a tournament, you will be automatically eliminated from the tournaments in which you are still participating in.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your disqualification from tournaments or even an expulsion from the event.

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