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TableTop Role-Play Games

TableTop Role-Play Games

Have you ever asked yourself how you would react if zombies were running after you?  Have you dreamed about being a prince or princess, of resolving a mystery, Sherlock Holmes-style, incarnating a barbaric hero like Conan or even exploring the galaxy like Kirk and Spock? If so, then the role-playing game is for you. Put your imagination to work and come experience some extraordinary adventures!

Role-playing games are games where you embody a specific character in a real or imaginary world. The Game Master will present an adventure and you will decide the actions of your character. Halfway in between a tale, improvisation and cinema, the experience can be compared to viewing a movie but instead of being a spectator, you are one of the characters on screen and the plot is known in advance. What will you do?

During the two days of GEEK-IT!, Le Festival Dragonis will be present at the convention, to offer you an set of choose-your-own-adventure scenarios covering different styles, genres and systems.  You choose the moment, the scenario, the number of players and the length of the game and our experienced game masters will do the necessary work to ensure you have a great time!  No experience is required and all the necessary material will be provided on the premises, including characters that are already pre-built. If you are alone, no problem! Leave us your phone number and we will contact you later if other players are interested in playing the same scenario.

Whether you have been interested in our role-playing games for several years or if you simply wish to discover them for the first time, the Role-Playing Games are for you!

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